Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Moment of Truth (or The Moment of Destruction)

While TV surfing last night (Tuesday), I came across this show on Star Plus called The Moment of Truth…I took my fingers off the remote for a few moments to see what it was all about…After a few minutes I realized it was the Jerry Springer Show of reality TV… Even though I didn’t know which American network was the original broadcaster, I was quite sure it was FOX…

Next morning I checked it up on the internet and sure enough, FOX was the original broadcaster…According to their website, The Moment of Truth is about putting participants through a lie detector test to reveal whether or not they were telling the truth.
No. of questions: 21
Prize: $500,000
Promise: To ruin marriages and relationships (not on the site)

Egs. of questions asked :

Do you trust your husband with your sister?
Have you ever had sex with your boss?
Is your husband a better lover or your ex?
Have you ever cheated on your girlfriend?
Were you still in love with your former boyfriend on your wedding day?

What kind of people go as contestants on a show like this? Is money that important?

Trust Fox to come up with a show like this…Not only is the network sensationalistic and sadistic, but also cheap…I am disappointed with Star Plus for lowering itself to Fox’s level…