Monday, October 20, 2008

Agent of Satan

Mickey Mouse (MM): O great mullah, why have you put a fatwa on my head? After all, I’m a cartoon character, a lovable guy – why me?

Sheikh Muhammad Munajid (SMM): You are an EVIL rodent and will BURN in hell…You are one of Satan’s soldiers and everything you touch becomes impure…You are DIRTY!!! The Shari'a clearly refers to mice as ‘little corrupters’ and so all mice must be killed!!!

MM: Me impure? Remember, I’m a cartoon character and not a real mouse…I thought the real agents of Satan were the politicians, rapists, pedophiles, greedy bankers etc., not cute and harmless animated mice like me …

SMM: You are so evil that your on screen antics make innocent children love and worship you…They’re all becoming Devil worshippers!!!

MM: What about Babe? Islam forbids pigs, doesn’t it?

SMM: Babe is Australian you are American…

(Sheikh Muhammad Munajid is a Saudi cleric and a former diplomat at the Saudi embassy in Washington DC)