Thursday, December 4, 2008

A List of Shivraj Patil's gaffes

You want Afzal Guru to be hanged. (At the same time) you are saying that don’t hang a person who has gone to Pakistan (Sarabjeet Singh)....These people (the
BJP) want others to be hanged. What are you doing? You are saying don’t hang that person (Sarabjeet Singh) and you say hang this person (Guru) here.

There are bits of information available with us (about the designs of terrorists)...what we do not have is the time and place of the attack.

- Mr Patil in the wake of twin Hyderabad blasts in August 2007.

The Government is not interested in using weapons. They (the Naxalites) are our brothers and sisters and we know that this is a socio-economic problem rather than one of law and order. We can solve these problems through dialogue and discussions.

- Mr Patil in April 2005. When criticised during a discussion in the Rajya Sabha for sympathising with Red terror, he said there was “nothing wrong in calling those born in India as our brothers and sisters."

Thanks: The Economic Times