Monday, January 5, 2009

Bihar CM for Nobel Peace Prize (updated TTM vs TTS)) reports:
Senior Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) leader and former Union Health Minister Dr. C. P. Thakur, at a press conference in Patna on Saturday said that he had nominated Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar for the Nobel Peace Prize for doing an outstanding job in the area of Right to Information in the state and maintaining communal peace in the region.

The 'Nitish Model' of governance has become very successful in Bihar and the Central government must learn a lesson from it and implement it in other states as well," Dr. Thakur said during the press meet.

The nomination enraged the Railways Minister Laloo Prasad Yadav..."How dare he!!!" he screamed..."I should have been nominated...I have lectured students at IIM(A) and now am going to Japan to lecture students there...What has Nitish Kumar done?" Later on (according to The Times of India) after Laloo had cooled down, he remarked:
There is an English term I have coined -- "TTM: Tabar Tor Malish...His (Dr. C. P. Thakur's) argument was that the Nobel Prize should be given to Nitish because he implemented RTI in Bihar. The whole world knows that it was the UPA government which got RTI implemented throughout the country...Perhaps because the Lok Sabha polls are near and the MP has his eye on the Patna seat. If the MP is fielded, it will become easier for RJD MP Ram Kripal Yadav..

Nitish Kumar laughed and reacted to Laloo's coinage of the new term 'Tabartor Tel Malish (TTM)' to describe him thus:

The Railway Minister himself was the victim of TTS (Tabartor Shilanyas Syndrome) in his attempt to break all previous records of laying foundation stones in Bihar.

Anyone can install foundation stones throughout the state but how many of these projects will actually take off or be completed – that's the main question," said the Chief Minister.

( rocks!!!)