Friday, September 26, 2008

A Bengali Dining Experience

Location: A restaurant in Delhi where I’m dining with my husband

I look back to see who was making so much noise with a fork and knife…
Me to my husband: Oof! That guy is a total ganwar...I bet he's a Bong...
The diner calls the waiter: Boy! Boy!
The waiter arrives and asks: Yes sir?
Diner: I ordered 2 plates of chicken curry…Why have you given me only 2 thanghs (legs)?
Waiter: Sir, 2 plates of chicken curry doesn’t mean 2 whole chickens…
Diner interrupting: When I order 2 plates, I want 4 thanghs
Me to my husband: Let's get out of here quickly and please don't say another word in Bengali - ONLY ENGLISH!!!