Friday, March 6, 2009

Gandhigiri Circa 2009 - The Tamasha

The Indian government's hoo-haa about freeing Gandhiji's personal belongings from foreign clutches is quite laughable...What was it doing for the last sixty years? If these objects are so important, why and how were they allowed to be taken out of the country? This is nothing but a campaign tactic by the Congress party...

Then there is James Otis, the American collector, who put up amongst other things Mahatma Gandhi's famous spectacles, sandals and pocket watch for auction in New York...This is how he justified his money-making action:
My intent never was to create any sort of anger or animosity towards the auction, it was the opposite: to promote Gandhi's words, actions, and to promote nonviolence in any way we can.
Bullshit...He was out to make money...Why not just admit it?If he were so concerned about the health of India's poor, why didn't he do something about it?Why did he make this statement
I would be very happy to welcome any serious offers from the Indian government and it might not even have to be financial. There are things they could offer in terms of helping the people of India that I would more than welcome, for example improving health care for the poorest Indians in exchange for the items. I would welcome any ideas like that that would benefit the Indian people.
after the controversy broke?

Then after the auction,Culture Minister Ambika Soni had this to say:
The Government acquired five personal possessions of Mahatma Gandhi at an auction in New York through the “services” of business tycoon Vijay Mallya.

According to Vijay Mallya,who acquired Mahatma Gandhi's memorabilia at an auction in New York with a $1.8-million bid on Friday
he had not been contacted by Indian officials on this but would gift the items to the government.

Hmmm...Very interesting...Who should we believe?I believe Mr.Mallya...what about you?