Monday, March 9, 2009

RapeLay - A New Video Game From Japan

Trust the Japanese to come up with a risque video game called RapeLay in which players stalk and sexually molest female characters...Thankfully, this game is only available in Japan although pirated versions are available on the internet...

The game:
(It) begins with a man standing on a subway platform, stalking a girl in a blue sundress. On the platform, you can click "prayer" to summon a wind that lifts her skirt. She blushes. Once she's on the train, the assault begins. Inside the subway car, you can use the mouse to grope your victim as you stand in a crowd of mute, translucent commuters. From here, your character corners his victim—in a station bathroom, or in a park with the help of male friends—and a series of interactive rape scenes begins.RapeLay relies on the horrendous, wildly sexist fantasy that rape victims enjoy being attacked.Although many violent Japanese sex games feature happy endings in which formerly victimized women end up as fulfilled, adoring wives, RapeLay allows only for dark outcomes. The first possible conclusion has the original subway victim stabbing you to death during sex. There's also the possibility that you can impregnate one of the victims. If the player doesn't force her to have an abortion, the game's protagonist, fittingly, throws himself under a train.
Like movies and books, video games reflect the social environment of the country of its birth...Subway perverts are a big problem in Japan and RapeLay only reflects this...A 2004 report cited that 64 percent of Tokyo women reported that they had been groped on a subway train...

What is more disturbing than the game are the comments on a report on RapeLay:

"Video games of this nature are beyond appalling, and people of good conscience need to speak out against them," People with a good conscience know this is JUST a video game.

Why is an assault with reproductive organs so much more horrifying and repugnant than pumping shots of lead into someone? Male on male violence is so acceptable but male on female violence makes everyone quake in their boots. And yet it's *all* violence, no matter the gender of the victim. I wonder if they have a version of the game that features men assaulting other men in the same way? Would that make it any less upsetting?

oh Please you are the same idiots that were whinning about the Columbine Game (which was a total POS) did you moran ever think that if the news didn't brother with this sensationilism reporting no one would even know about this POS game, GET OVER IT! once again the righious crusade has another piece of meat stuck in their teeth! ISN"T THERE ANY REAL NEWS TO REPORT?

This just reminds me how depraved our society has become...I am depressed...